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End of Love

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End of Love

Sonic Grit Ⓟ 2022

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Final Stair

Twins with an Edge. Genuine Rock.

Final Stair shift up a gear again. Following the success of their single Over The Top the band just announced their upcoming single End of Love. The single captures its audience with a dynamic and powerful buildup throughout the song and with its sharp contrast between emotional intimacy and massive wall of sound.

The brilliant trio of the twins and their blood brother refine the art of writing addictive rock music. They merge inspirational lyrics with a massive soundscape unleashing a contagious effect on their listeners. With this overwhelming energy they reach different generations hungry for authentic stories and powerful sound.

Final Stair boast an impressive success story already. Their songs reach a global audience and make it into influential playlists like New Music Friday, their songs are licensed by NETFLIX and have appeared on compilations by Universal Music.

The international media coverage on the band has been just as impressive, with features in KERRANG! in the UK, Alternative Press and Digital Tour Bus in the USA, Tonspion and Dressed Like Machines in Germany and with reviews and radio airplay in Australia, France, Spain and Germany.

Final Stair have toured Europe and China. The band has played headlining shows at MAO Livehouse in Shanghai and at several festivals such as the Sazavafest, Focus Festival, Dithmarscher Rockfestival and Taubertal Festival. The trio always makes it unmistakably clear how much engaging live shows mean to them.

Final Stair indeed sound like a band that is unstoppable and their latest single proves yet again that their creativity and energy is far from exhausted. The trio stands for exceptional style, massive sound and overwhelmingly intense shows.

Quick Facts

Releases (Universal)

Release of "Over The Top" and additional releases via Universal Music (UPM)

Publishing (Universal)

Working as composers for the publishing division of Universal Music (UPM)

Licensing (NETFLIX)

Song placements in NETFLIX Originals series and other international formats

Compilations (Universal)

Appearances on numerous international compilations by Universal Music (UPM)


Number 1 on the German iTunes Rock chart and more chart entries across the world

China Tour

Tour through China including headlining shows at MAO Livehouse in Shanghai

Europe Tour

Intense tour through Europe with 14 shows in all major cities and across five countries

Festivals & Events

Shows at Sazavafest, Focus, Dithmarscher, Taubertal, Ritz Carlton and Marriott


Berlin is known for many things, though rock music hasn’t necessarily been one of them. It’s something that German trio Final Stair are planning to change, who’ve found great inspiration in the wonderfully war-torn, visually imperfect and often hedonistic surroundings they’ve grown up around. Formed by twin brothers Istvan and Denes Vörös in 2012, with current drummer André Seidel joining in 2016, this is a band who want to celebrate the intoxicating light and darkness around them through thunderous groove and soaring chorus hooks.

“Berlin is a pretty wild place,” grins singer/guitarist Istvan. “Originally my brother and myself came from the outskirts. Moving to the capital was a big thing. It’s got its own scenes and a lot of them are alternative. It’s different to anywhere else in the world, I think. We love the lifestyle – it’s a little dirty and rough around the edges. Because Berlin is not a beautiful city, to be honest, and I think that gives all of the music its own special thing.” Bassist Denes agrees, “The underground scenes are very dirty. Everything has its own rock and roll vibe, even if it’s not rock!”

The trio will be releasing their debut album, titled Hope, via their own Sonic Grit label later this year. The music was recorded in their own rehearsal facility, a place where they could dictate their own rate of progress and painstakingly boil down a broad list of influences into the core fundamentals that made them unique. With tracks like Dreamhunter (“a big fuck you to everyone who ignored us”), Never Felt Before (“an old song that represents our grunge roots”) and Morning Dew (“one of our biggest hooks”) touching on the anthemic greatness of Queens Of The Stone Age, Biffy Clyro and The Killers in ways that feel completely fresh and new, Hope will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the finest rock debuts of its year.

“We wanted to call this first album Hope because it’s a simple word, but to us it represents everything,” explains Istvan. “We’ve been through tough times together. We pulled each other through whenever we were struggling, whether that was from mental issues and depression or other things. The hard times inspired a lot of the music and lyrics. There is that thoughtful touch to every song. This is who we are.”

The music was recorded before the pandemic, with some of it even having been penned by the twins during their earliest years as a group, before drummer André Seidel came into the picture. The arrival of the new drummer brought even more focus to their expansive wall of noise, perhaps thanks to his jazz background. “Taking that background into big loud rock felt like an interesting twist,” adds the drummer.

Those “interesting twists” can be found all over the debut record, from the muscular heaviness of Dreamhunter to the most contemplative rock at the heart of tracks like End Of Love and Hope. It’s the kind of music you can find yourself easily lost in, a soundtrack to escape and discover other places fueled by emotive honesty and a realness that’s becoming increasingly hard to find in the modern age...

“I think rock is missing figures like Kurt Cobain, who represented a bit of chaos and anarchy,” offers Denes. “He was literally going out there on stage saying ‘Fuck you all!’ Sometimes I feel like modern music is too clean. There’s not as much rebellion these days. We believe there is a hole to be filled by bands that think different and are different. It’s harder to find real, authentic music that’s made from the heart.”

“We know our music can unite the masses,” summarises the frontman. “There will be tours announced as restrictions ease. We’re can’t wait to get out there!”





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ArtistScout Music & Brands
René Jacobi

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ArtistScout Music & Brands
René Jacobi

+49 30 9954 3446

Unter den Linden 16
10117 Berlin





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